Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Eve

Happy Valentine's Day Eve! I'm pretty excited about tomorrow, mostly because it's Valentine's Day but also because we are on the brink of a four day weekend and tomorrow is our Friday! Wahoo! 

Valentine's Day always makes me laugh. I have to mentally prepare myself the days before and know that I will be asked the second that the students see my face when they can deliver their valentines. And is it their turn yet? How about now? When will it be their turn? I know that they will ask when the party is, even though it is on the board in the same place our daily schedule always is, and we'll go over it at the same time we always go over the schedule. Mentally preparing for these things is half the battle for me. Then I can just smile at the little cherubs when it happens instead of pulling my hair out. 

I'm trying to keep things low key this year. I handed out red lunch bags and gave the students some pink and black construction paper and told them to go to town on their V-Day bags. Some of them were super excited and got started right away. Others wanted direction. As in, they were constantly coming up to me to ask me if it was "ok" for them to make it a butterfly. Or Cupid. Or put sunglasses on the guy. I think the freedom of, "Whatever you want, it's your project!" scared them a little. The bags turned out pretty cute though, and they are all so different.  

(The last guy reminds me of the Kool-aid Man).

Our classroom parties always consist of centers. I have a parent helper at each center and the students rotate around for the hour. I usually do four centers with one center being the food station. My centers this year are: food, a heart picture search, a math game (Valentine Bump), and hat making. Like I said earlier, trying to keep it simple. The parents are providing fruit salad, cheese and crackers, cookies, yogurt, and more. Wahoo for the absence of 5,000 sugary goodies!  We'll be making these easy-peasy hats out of paper plates. 

The kids had such a great time decorating them and looked so adorbs wearing them last year that I decided to do it again. 

Finally, a while back I blogged about some crafty V-Day projects I was going to make that were inspired by Pinterest. Here's how one of the buntings I made out of book pages, scrapbook paper, and buttons turned out. The red felt heart garland is from the Dollar Tree- score!

I hope everyone has a sweet Valentine's Day! 

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  1. I just pinned this post! I can't wait to make those hats tomorrow! Thanks for the super easy idea!


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