Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Goodness

I'm linking up today with Rowdy in First Grade's Tell Me Something Good!

Something Good at School: The students just finished up their fraction unit and did fantastic on their post assessment! The littles had a great time making a fraction sundae with their favorite kind of paper ice cream. They wrote the fraction of flavors of ice cream underneath. I suppose if I was a really nice teacher I would've given them real ice cream sundaes. Ah well. 

Something Good at Home: Dakota is three months old today! He just had a bath and smells so yummy. We are playing fetch with his stuffed ducky right now. The pupster is so fun to have around and has brought me thousands of smiles already. 

Your turn to link up- what's good with you?


  1. Thanks for sharing! Your puppy is adorable! Love the pic where he's on the dishwasher. :)

  2. Ok...that puppy makes me want to go get one right now! I told my husband that he's going to get a surprise for my birthday and it would be a puppy :)
    Have a good day playing with that sweet puppy!!!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  3. Your puppy is precious!! And those fraction sundaes are super cute too! :)

    Third Grade Bookworm

  4. Such a cute dog! Love your ice cream fraction craft, I wouldn't stress too much about not giving them real ice cream. They probably didn't even miss it! I gave mine real cream for my birthday last week and made them bonkers!

    A Primary Owl

  5. Your puppy is TOO CUTE! I'm officially jealous! We are hoping to get a puppy in the next year and I can't wait! Real ice cream? Ha! Our school would hang us by our toes if that thought even crossed our mind! It would count as a party in the state of Texas. Thanks for linking up!

    Rowdy in First Grade