Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shoe Hunt

I am on a shoe hunt. I have worn Dankso clogs for years as they were the only shoes that my feet didn't hurt in at the end of the day. In the last couple of years a couple pair of my Danksos would start to squeak and now my latest pair is rubbing on my toes weird. My poor little feet are not happy. 

This past week I've tried wearing other shoes to school. Ouch! So I've spent the last three days hitting up shoe stores all over my town trying on new Danskos, Clarks, etc. and can't find anything I trust or that is somewhat fashionable. 

So bloggy friends, please tell me what you wear and what works and doesn't work for you! 


  1. I just got some Toms yesterday and wore them for the first time today. They are amazing! One thing I've learned to do is keep a pair of Crocs in my classroom. If my dress shoes start hurting my feet, I put on the Crocs and then trade them out at lunch and after school. It has made my feet and knees much happier :)

  2. Have you tried Miz Mooz? They are pretty good, as well as Sperry's are pretty cushy! Hope your feet find relief!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  3. Whew! I have been on a similar shoe hunt without much luck. Danskos never worked well for my feet, so I got a pair of Arcopedico that I wear every once in between my cute flats to give my feet a break. They are comfy and somewhat cute. I also LOVE Toms! Good Luck!

    :) Sarah @ First Grade Buddies

  4. I just found your blog. Love the name of it! I agree with the others, Toms are great. How about a pair of slippers to put on when you are staying put in the classroom for awhile? :)

    Granny Goes to School

  5. I don't have any shoe advice other than one of my teaching partners also wears Toms frequently and she loves them. I can't access your email address for some reason to email you about participating in my 100 followers giveaway. My email is If you would shoot me an email that would be great.
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

    1. Also, when I was looking through your TPT store I realized that one of my favorite free fonts is yours. The Glitter Cutie! Should have known. :)