Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Meet Me

It's my first Monday of summer and I couldn't be more excited! I've run some errands with the dog in tow, slept in a little, cleaned up a bit, and now I'm blogging. Say what?! Today I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune's Meet Me Monday as part of their Summer Bloggin' series. 

Here's a little snapshot of me!

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  1. Loving The Bachelorette too! Chris Soules lives about 20 miles from me! It's exciting to "know" someone on the show! He gets to at least the hometown dates!

  2. I have heard so much about Orange is the New Black - I've GOT to check it out! ;) I enjoyed learning a little more about you!


  3. Aw, I couldn't get sick of our long-lost-twin pets! :-) Hopefully getting my stuff together tonight for a WILW post...even though it is NOT Wednesday!

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