Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday-June 28

Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching 
for Five for Friday!
I'm super excited about my new bag I ordered for school!

It's the Chloe bag by Better Life Bags. I ordered it in black and white polka dots with pink on the inside and brown leather. I love that you can customize it with the fabrics you want.

 I have The Brynnda bag that I'm using as my purse lately because I love that it can go across my body. 

This company is great. They hire women who could not otherwise get jobs. They rent them a sewing machine and tools and teach them skills so that they can be providers for their families. Many of the women are first generation immigrants. The bags are beautiful and fun and well-made. I ordered now so that I could get it in time for school to start, as my last one took around a month to arrive. And no, the company didn't pay me for this. I just love them that much. 
I saw Monsters University this week and really liked it. They nailed the college experience (minus any red Solo cups). It was longer than I thought it would be, but the new characters found a place in my heart and are still cracking me up when I think about them.
Totally addicted to Candy Crush. Even though I'm just starting out, the addiction comes on fast. 
I'm pretty sure this yoga ball was in my Five for Friday last week, but it's been my BFF this week too. I know my back is improving, but it's taking its sweet time. At this rate I should be back to walking normal in well...October! I know I'm doing better than I was at the beginning of June, but I'm ready for my life back. The one where I could do normal every day activities and not be in pain. Frustration has set in. 

Even though it was raining earlier this week, the heat is on!
I've held up my responsibility as an aunt and brought over an assortment of sprinklers for my niece and nephew to cool off with. Running in the sprinklers and creating our own slip n slide are some of my favorite summer memories. Hopefully it will be for them too. 

Link up your five and have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Love the sprinkler idea! I have asked my hubby for years if we can get the big ball.

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  2. Uh oh...Candy Crush! I have been stuck at Level 35 for over a week. It must be a true addiction because I find myself closing the cover to my iPad everytime my husband walks in the room.

    Life in Room 24

  3. I hadn't heart of Better Life Bags, but what a fantastic idea and a chance to support others in a great cause. (And an excuse to buy a few more bags won't hurt either.) Thanks for the info - will look into it!
    Whimsy Workshop

  4. I have Candy Crush addiction bad...just wait until you get to the level that has chocolate. It keeps coming back over and over.

  5. I saw Monsters University too! I knew it'd be funny, but I didn't expect to crack up the way I was! I love that you said you "held up your responsibility as an aunt." I bought a cool sprinkler and brought my two nieces over on Friday! I got "best aunt ever!" Love it!

    Super Sparkly in Second