Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Contraction Surgery

Last week my students went to med school and within a half an hour they had graduated, were scrubbing in, and doing surgeries on patients. What can I say, they have a brilliant teacher! I kid, I kid. We were doing the infamous contraction surgery lesson and they ate.it.up.

I started off by picking up a contraction packet from First Grade Fever's TPT Store

The packet has a contraction surgery mini book complete with bandaid apostrophes! We didn't want the patient to "bleed out" so we made sure to glue those bandaids on really well. The packet also has a contraction match game and World's Greatest Doctor stickers that we made into necklaces once they had "graduated." 

I stopped off at Wal-Mart and picked up some masks and gloves from the pharmacy department. The students were floored and they looked so darn cute as they worked on their patients. They were commenting on how sweaty their hands were getting in the gloves, and wondered how real surgeons did it. One student accidentally cut off a letter when he didn't need to, and quickly whispered to his partner, "Don't tell the family, I'll just put it back on and they won't notice." Had it been a real hospital, we would've had lawsuits happening all over the place. 

I'm pretty sure these kiddos will never forget contractions. I had fun listening to the students and the kids had fun learning. Goal achieved.


  1. Adorable activity! Love it! I, too, am addicted to the Bachelor (still love Trista and Ryan!). Thanks again for donating to my giveaway-hope you've entered too!
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  2. Hi! So happy to find a California blogging friend. I live in Northern California. I just love all your ideas and I find your BLOG so fun to visit. I am your newest follower!
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  3. I just bought this and I can't WAIT to use it. (And an I just say that visiting your blog always makes me happy with all of the glitter!)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
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