Monday, November 26, 2012

Student Gifts

This weekend I decided to get a jump on my holiday to-do list and "wrap" my gifts for my students. Normally I loathe this process. I'm not a big fan of wrapping gifts anyway, so to wrap 30 or so of them is just a nightmare. As far as student gift-giving goes, I know it's not required, but I always like to spread the cheer and send my little ones home with a little something something. 

First up, the students always get a book from our Scholastic book order. I use my points to buy the books so they don't end up costing me anything. This year I was way on top of things and bought some spiral notebooks and crayons during the back to school sale at Target, so they are getting those as well. Woohoo for 10 cent notebooks and 25 cent crayons! And finally, when unpacking my Christmas decorations over the weekend I came across some things I had bought on clearance after Christmas last year, which included some cute little erasers for this year's students. 

Instead of wrapping the gifts in wrapping paper, I grabbed some holiday Ziploc bags and put the items in. I put a quick little Christmas card inside, slapped a bow on the bag, and called it done. Best. Wrapping. Ever. 

We have three weeks until Winter Break and I'm super excited to have this checked off my list! 

Don't forget, today is the TPT Cyber Monday Sale! My cart is already full of items! I can't wait for school to get out to checkout! 

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  1. I like the Ziploc bag idea-we definitely don't have time to wrap! I always purchase the personalized pencils from Teachers Only for each student. They're about a dollar each but the kids love them (plus they always need pencils!).
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