Friday, October 26, 2012

Reading Beads and Candy!

This year I decided to use reading beads in my classroom a la The Teacher Wife. The kids (and adults who've come into my classroom) have been really excited about the dog tags and earning beads for reading at home. For every 100 minutes read they get to pick out a bead. 

I have some little friends who have made goals for themselves at home for how many minutes they want to read for the month. The parents, and their teacher, are pretty jazzed about this. To keep up the momentum, and because it's almost Halloween, I taped some Smarties to the back of their dog tags this month. 

If they meet their goal for reading minutes, they get the Smarties. You could also use cute erasers, stickers, etc. Well...let me tell'd think there was a $100 dollar bill taped to the necklace because they are super excited. 

I picked up some fun beads with letters on them so they can pick out their initials and such, but that's a future carrot to dangle. 

Glitter Words

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  1. Love this idea! It's crazy how a little carrot can really get the kiddos working hard. :)Lattes and Laughter