Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Magic of Silent E

Last week we started on the journey of learning our long vowel sounds that have the silent, magic e! We focused on the a_e sound and are leaping in to i_e this week. Pinterest has been a good friend in this process. I came across a silent e video that I shared with the class and they We watched it each day last week, and I thought that might be enough, but no. They asked for it again this morning. And who am I to say no to adding a little sparkle to our reading lesson? The little nuggets were singing along loud and clear as if this wasn't our sixth time watching it. Shouldn't they be bored of it already?

I also came across this "Sneaky Silent E Review Game" on A Year of Many Firsts website. The kids loved it! And she has an incredibly cute website. Check it out!

Pinterest lead me to many different activities. From spelling out long vowel/silent e words with Alphabits cereal to a video about a silent e tree. So cute. Pinterest has really changed my teaching. There are oodles of resources that are so easily at my fingertips. 

Tomorrow in our class I'll be debuting our cardboard cutout star that has been glittered (obviously) and glued (yeah) to a pencil with a fancy schmancy silent e on it. It's our silent e wand. It's going to help us change our short vowels to long vowels. I know the kids will be excited to use it, and being that it has glitter on it, I'm pretty happy to be busting that bad boy out myself. 

If you're a Pinterest fan like me let me know! I love finding new Pinterest fanatics like myself. 


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