Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Desk Fairy

Happy Halloween! Today after school the Desk Fairy stopped by a couple of organized desks in my classroom and I cannot wait to see the kids' reactions tomorrow! The text on the card is kind of hard to read because I took the pictures with my phone and there's quite a glare. The front says, "The Desk Fairy was here...your desk was so nice and neat, the Desk Fairy left you a little treat!" The back says "Thanks for being so organized! Keep up the good work!" 

I ordered The Desk Fairy ordered the cards from Vistaprint, but they could easily be made at home. A piece of candy was taped to the back of the card, the card was placed on their desks, and glitter was sprinkled around because's a fairy...and to show the fairy's awesomeness. The treat on the back changes. Sometimes it is a piece of candy, or stickers, erasers, etc. I don't do a prize box in my classroom, so these kind of things make it extra fun. I try to remind the Desk Fairy to come to my room about once a month or so. 

The desks in my class this year stay pretty organized for the most part, but there have been some random papers stuffed inside and even some acorns that the little "squirrels" have apparently been collecting and saving for winter. Yikes. I guess it could be worse, it could be like when I was a kid and in 4th grade a girl in my class thought it would be smart to keep the small milk cartons in her desk from snack time...still full of chunky milk. Yum! We had class outside for a week until we figured out what the horrible smell was. I can still kind of smell it in my mind. We should've had a Desk Fairy back then!

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