Saturday, May 17, 2014

Author's Purpose PIE!

If you're like me, you're counting down the days until the end of the school year. We are currently at 13 days! I have made sure to keep this information to myself and not share it with my students however. We are still hard at work learning concepts and reviewing and I don't want them to get any ideas that they can pull back just yet.

Today I'm going to share with you a great activity my class worked on for reviewing author's purpose with a fun craftivity from Deb at Crafting Connections.

Deb has put together a meaningful activity for 2nd and 3rd graders to review the different parts of author's purpose and I tried it out with my class for her Classroom Tested series!

My kiddos and I have been talking about author's purpose each week this school year as we read in our anthology and with any text that comes our way. Some of the kiddos were still getting stuck on "to persuade" so I pulled examples of the three different types of text. We reviewed the texts and the students wrote what they thought the author's purpose was for each on their whiteboards.

Next, we moved on to Deb's Author's Purpose Activity- PIE Version! We reviewed the definitions of persuade, inform, and entertain once again and the students got to work on writing the definitions in their own words on the inside of the pie. As they were working they were buzzing about whether their pie was pumpkin, cherry, chocolate and more.

The students then worked with a partner to read three examples of text on the inside of the pie. They needed to decide what the author's purpose was for each text. It was great hearing them justify their answers. I don't know how many times I've said this year, "What's your evidence? Prove it to your teacher!" It seems to be paying off!

After they were done with the writing, they glued the pie crust on top over the correct part of the text. Next, they used their crayons to color the crust making sure I could still read their answers. Some of the students even colored the top edges of their crust darker brown because "the crust usually burns the fastest." Future chefs maybe?

This activity is a great review for students and a fun way to put their learning to paper. If you're interested in winning this activity for free, head over to Deb's blog and enter to win it for free! If you're an upper elementary teacher Deb has this available for the older kiddos too. 

Whenever your last day of school may be, I hope your end of the year wraps up smoothly and that you get some time to enjoy your family and friends this summer!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! It transported me back to my early years of teaching when I was a second grade teacher! Their conversations were so cute! I'm so glad that your students enjoyed the activity! Thank you again for testing it out!