Monday, January 6, 2014

Breaking Bad and a MLK Freebie

I recently pulled out my January and February files to do some planning. Don't be too impressed, I never did get to February. And I may have only planned a week or two in January. You know how it goes while on Winter Break...the planbook and files come out, you put on Breaking Bad on Netflix for "background noise" and pretty soon you're four episodes in and nothing is in your planbook. 

Anyway, I came across some Martin Luther King Jr. pages I created for my class last year. If you're looking for something to do with your class in honor of Dr. King, these two pages are a freebie in my store!

Just click on the picture to snag them for yourself. And feel free to leave some feedback if you feel so inclined. 



  1. Love Breaking Bad! Can totally relate to the tv background noise = nothing in the plan book phenomena!

  2. Oh girl, I LOVE Breaking Bad!! And I love your blog! I just spent some time checking it out after I saw your post on my blog yesterday! I wanted to answer your comment about our homework - Each night the kids are to complete 1 math homework page (from every day math), read for 20 minutes and record it on a monthly reading log for which they are rewarded at the end of the month, and practice math facts in SOME way - Xtra math, EM online, flash cards . .SOMETHING. Then, as a weekly assignment each week, they are to complete a tic-tac-toe on their spelling menus (which change monthly) and do a mini writing assignment. I hope that helps! NOT a ton of prep which - OBVIOUSLY - I adore! :) :) Happy Wednesday!!

  3. BEST Show EVER!!!! If you're hooked now, just wait it only gets better. I actually purchased the last half of the season, watched it in 1 night after school and felt like I got hit by a truck the next day, but soooo worth it!!
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade