Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently and Classroom Decorating

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiiime of the year! I love December. I love all of the fun activities happening at school associated with the holidays. I love that there are only three weeks of school until three weeks off! I love it all.

The classroom is decorated for Christmas, student gifts for parents are ready to be made, the Elf on the Shelf is in the freezer...bring on the fun! Here's a quick peek at the stockings and such adorning the classroom. I'll be sharing a bunch of Christmas photos and a couple freebies this month so hang tight!
For now, it's time for December's Currently thanks to Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Thinking- about how excited the students will be tomorrow. We're starting the Elf on the Shelf, they have new seats, the classroom is decked out with snowflakes and snowmen, a Christmas tree, and stockings for each of them. I'm pretty sure they're going to wake up from whatever Thanksgiving break sleepiness they had pretty quickly. 

Favorite Tradition- Christmas Eve we always get new PJ's. I usually get a new pair of Old Navy's fleece pajama pants (soooo comfy they've been dubbed 'Comfy Pants.' That took a lot of thought, I know). We drive around looking at Christmas lights with hot chocolate in our hands and watch Christmas Vacation every year, thankful that our family isn't that bad. It never gets old.

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  1. Cute decor! I bet your kiddos will be so excited. Can't wait for some ELF updates in the next few weeks:)
    My Teacher Friend

  2. I love the pajama tradition! I think we might have to make some holiday additions!

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  3. I have always wanted to buy matching PJs for the whole family...I am too cheap :) I do get PJs for me.
    I hope your kids loved their Elf.
    My Second Sense