Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday- July 10th

I'm posting a little early tonight for tomorrow's What I'm Loving Wednesday. 

Why do the weeks seem to go by sooo fast during the summer? Slow down July! 

This week I have four things to share.

1. New shoes! 
They're pink. They're light. They're cute. And did I mention they're pink? I love them.
Nike Flex 2013
2. Haircuts! 
My hair was at the point where it was taking too long to style in the mornings, so I would throw it in a ponytail every day. I figured it was time for a change and went with a stacked bob cut I had a couple years ago. I love my hairdresser, but he got a little scissor happy and it's a wee bit shorter than I imagined it. Still, I had this moment...

3. Costco Optical! 
I've always purchased my glasses at my ophthalmologist's office upon having my yearly appointment. I wasn't too happy with the frames I picked out last fall, so while I was at Costco last Friday I perused their frames and fell in love with two pair. I ordered both and my total was just over 100 dollars. What!? Amazing. AND, they called and were ready to be picked up in two business days. Crazy! 

4. All About Me Student Banner
This cute All About Me pennant has been making its way around Pinterest lately and I think it's so cute! I definitely plan on using this in my classroom and have it in my cart for my next TPT purchase! 

Pennant by Mrs. N on TPT
Check it out here!

Your turn to link up with what you're loving this week! Remember, anything goes. Link up 10 things or 1 thing. Pictures you love, products you love, anything that's on your mind and in your heart this week!


  1. Your shoes are cool! I got new Nikes too! Mine have some teal (my favorite color). I can't wait to link up, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

    Super Sparkly in Second

  2. I love that ecard! That's exactly how I always feel, too! I may or may not glance at my cute new 'do in the rearview mirror about a thousand times on my drive home! :) Thanks for hosting the link-up!

  3. Love your shoes AND that banner! So cute. Thanks for hosting again!

    Craft of Teaching

  4. Glad I found your blog! Great link-up!

  5. Thank you so much for hosting this fun linky! I soooo need a haircut, it's been way too long.. I love that ecard though! So true!

    I'm your newest follower!

    The Resource Room Teacher

  6. Love your pink Nikes! So cute! That ecard is totally true! I wish I could make my hair look like it does on the day I get it done every day!

    Thanks for hosting the linky!
    Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers

  7. I love this linky idea. Thanks for hosting. I love that all about me banner too...it's now on my wishlist. :) And now I want a haircut... :)

    First Grade Wolves

  8. Thanks for the comment on my blog and the congrats! :)

    So glad I follow your blog! :)
    Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers

  9. I need to see your haircut. I've never had short hair, but the humidity is KILLING me. I have long clown hair with frizz right now and have been considering a stacked bob. I'm just a little too chicken right now, maybe seeing some pics will help!
    Pinkadots Elementary