Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Auction Idea


Our annual school fundraiser and auction are fast approaching. Each year teachers are asked to think of a creative idea to include in the silent auction that involves ourselves. For some, this includes a pizza lunch with the student and the teacher, making cookies with a student after school one day, etc. Something parents would bid on for their child. I have to say, I am at a loss this year, and need your creative ideas to help me out! I would super duper appreciate any ideas left in my comments.


  1. Out for ice cream.
    Be a teacher for a lesson.
    Let them silly string you...
    Not sure if you can do all those or not but maybe one :)

  2. Last year I auctioned off "Teach Ms. Deal how to play Angry Birds." (I really didn't know how to play) I spent two hours with the student that one and brought them pizza. This year I did a bowling trip which was fun. Some other teachers have done Build-A-Bear, but I like to keep my expenses low! Skating rink, American Girl Party...hope this helps!