Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I fully intended to listen to a lot of my little ones read with expression today as part of their fluency folders. I managed to get through three today. Three! Here's why...

Me: Student A, you're my next victim, come on back.

Student A: Victim? Haha. One time my dad and I missed the bus by his work so we had to hop on a bike and try to make it to the bus stop to catch up. We were on the same bike, a double bike and flying down the street trying to catch up.

Me: ...O.K...(wondering why a double bike happened to be outside his dad's work but wanting to get going on the reading passage). So today we are going to read and I'm going to listen to your expression.

Student A: We didn't make it to the first bus stop, so we went to the second bus stop. We didn't make it to the second bus stop in time so went to the third.

Me: Sounds like quite an adventure. Let's go ahead and read and then you can tell me the rest at recess.

Student A: O.K.

Me: Ready? Read. (I flip over the timer).

Student A: (Reading) It was almost time for the school science fair...(stops reading). Hey! Yesterday I wasn't here because I had a stomach ache. It went away but it was almost the end of school so I just stayed home. I feel better today.

Me: (Turns the timer on its side to stop it. Smiles.).

Student A: I'm going to have a little brother soon. Then my little brother is going to be a big brother and I'm going to be a bigger brother to my baby brother. And my baby brother will have two older brothers. We don't know when my mom is going to have the baby. She says she isn't going to make it to March 8th. We have a field trip on March 8th so I hope it's not that day.

We ended up getting through the passage, but it kind of went on that way with my other two "victims" as well. I love that they want to share their stories, byt focus, my friends, focus! Oh to crawl in their minds for a minute. What a party that would be.


  1. Hahaha! That sounds like my class every time I try to assess. Here's hoping you are able to get through more tomorrow!

  2. Kiddos have the most interesting, goofy, weird stories. But, they cannot wait to share them!! Glad you joined Diving Into 2nd Grade's giveaway, otherwise I wouldn't have found you! Cannot wait to see more :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  3. You need to go read The Teacher Wife's latest post. There's a video like this except it's about math. It was so funny.