Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teacher Tip Tuesday- Names on Desks

Happy Tuesday!

 I thought I'd share a quick tip that I learned about when I was student teaching. December is about the time of year when name tags on desks start to get really funky. The kids pick at them, the packing tape, contact paper, velcro, etc. gets gummy and weird, and doodles are drawn all over them. Instead of battling the name tags, I simply write the names of my students on their desks in Sharpie. I also put their student number and A, B, C, or D for team captains. 

(Phone pictures are awful. Phone pictures taken by me are doubly awful. You're welcome). 

The Sharpie comes off throughout the year as the desks gets cleaned and I have to rewrite their names. At the end of the year we scrub the names off completely. I've used whiteboard cleaner, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and 409 with success. Write on!

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