Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Stockings

Last year while blog stalking the amazing Christina Bainbridge, I came across a Christmas idea that I had to do with my students. She has them color a Christmas stocking and attach it to a paper bag. 

A letter is sent home to parents asking for tiny little donations to help fill the stockings. She even has an example of her letter on her blog post from this year

I sent the letter home at the beginning of December and things started trickling in. Candy canes, Christmas stencils, bouncy balls, erasers, pencils, etc. The students were so excited seeing their stockings in our classroom and couldn't wait for them to be filled! 

I filled their stockings the day before our Christmas party and they opened them at one the stations during the party. The kids were floored. As in, "This is the best Christmas party EVAH!" floored. 

I forgot to take pictures of all of the loot once I'd filled the stockings, but here are some of the things that were donated as one of the kids was looking through their stuff. 

If you haven't checked out Christina's blog, you must! Seriously. 

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