Sunday, November 18, 2012

Disguised Turkeys

It's November which means my favorite family homework project of the year- the disguised turkey! We started out by reading the story Turkey Trouble, a cute little tale about a turkey who tries disguising himself as different animals on the farm so that he doesn't get eaten on Thanksgiving. The students were laughing hysterically at the illustrations.

I then introduced to the students their homework assignment of disguising a turkey. They could use any items they had at home to disguise the turkey and I tried my best to not give too many examples. I found that when I gave the example of Superman or soldiers, I would get 10 soldiers and 5 Supermen. In giving less directions I was trying to inspire more creativity. It worked! 

Here are some examples from this year:
Minnie Mouse

 A snowman

 Santa Claus

A S.F. 49er (with the student's classroom number as the jersey number,  the student pointed out)

 A pizza delivery man, named Tom of course

A Christmas tree

 A scarecrow

A hula dancer

And a class favorite...a disco dude

The students also wrote a narrative from the perspective of the turkey on why they are obviously not a turkey and are instead a ______. Both the writing portion and the turkey template can be found here on ProTeacher. 

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  1. I have never heard of the book Turkey Trouble. It looks so cute! Your turkeys all turned out so cute. Very creative!
    The Hive